Friday, June 5, 2009

The Zoo!!

So we decided to take the kids to the Sacramento Zoo yesterday!!! It was so much fun, and Jackson just loved seeing all the animals, Judd was just as happy being outside all day. It made Lee and I's day just watching them.

ooooooo, flamingos
Jack's shack, Jackson kept calling all the big lizards crocodilles.
Believe it or not, this is Jackson trying to smile.
Oh yeah, mama and her little Joey.
Daddy Giraffe, Jackson always calls all the big animals Daddy's.

They had a merry-go-round there which Jackson thought was the coolest thing. Isn't his little face so cute.
Jackson loved the big cat section, he was so careful when he was petting this leopard almost like he thought it was real.
My little stud Judd, like I said he just loves being outside.
Jackson, trying to get a better look at the Tiger.

Jackson loving Judd.
Jackson loved the fish so much we had to go back and see them twice

All tuckered out!