Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby Love

Can't get enough of our baby boy!!! And were excited for another set of cheeks to love!

So Lee and I, or I should say I (since Lee is pretty busy with school), have finally decided to get my act together and make a blog!! Thanks, of course, to Ashley. She helped me get started and every time I see her blog I feel guilty that I haven't taken the time to do one. I'll try and update it as much as possible, but no promises since I'm about to pop ANY DAY NOW!!!!


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

HA HA you are funny


Glad you will be updating!! :)

Gary said...

Hello Lee and Mrs. Bowden. I was Lee's Deacons Quorum Advisor and Assistant Scoutmaster. Looks like you are a great father and husband Lee, and that is the best thing a guy could ever be.

Hammer said...

I can't wait to have another nephew....another set of cheeks to love will be nice...but that also means another set of cheeks to wipe as carefull what you wish for. We love you guys...let us konw as soon as something happens.