Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lee Passed!!!

Yeah!!!! Lee passed his test today! He is officially an IFR certified pilot, meaning he has the ratings to fly in IFR conditions; which means he can fly in bad weather using just his instruments to navigate where he is going. I don't want him to ever fly in those conditions, but it is definitely a perk to have on a resume.
On a side note - I am having trouble downloading pictures onto our blog. Every time I try and download more than one picture my computer freezes up and I have to restart everything. So of course with my short fuse right now I give up quickly so I won't brake our computer. But I'm working on fixing it, and then I will keep it more updated. Hopefully I can fix it before Judd comes so I can post lots of pictures. Hope all is well with everyone, we love and miss you all!


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAYOTO GO LEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Score ness!!!


Paul said...

AWESOME, also call the Guinness book of world records cuz Lee must have set some kind of record just being able to fit into the tiny thing!

dede said...
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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA scary as all get out !!! I am not sure I would let you fly me anywhere !! YOU guys need to put more pictures of your family !! Miss you bro... Hope all is going well !!!


Thomas Raymond
aka Elda' Raymond from So Cal.

Hammer said...

Congrats Lee. That is awesome. When will you guys be able to fly up to Boise...or at least come pick us up so we can go down there and visit?