Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boys Wrestling

okay i'm trying this again, hopefullt this post will turn out better. I'm already frustrated . . . so we'll see!

Here is the boys first wrestling match, and of course Judd is winning, all he has to do is sit on Jackson. They're only a pound off now.


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

HA HA That is so funny!! Go little stud man!!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

and don't worry Jack-o, You will learn what to do and you will win everytime no matter what. Since you are the older brother. :)


bren said...

your boys are so cute! Jackson looks more like you and Judd looks a ton like Lee!

Katie Brady said...

Oh my heck! They are getting so big! I miss you guys so much! Keep posting pictures cause we're so sad we cant see them! Love ya guys